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Sunday, October 23, 2011

So, Friday was quite the eventful day (which is why I'm writing this two days later). Let's see, my buddy F arrived in town for a weekend visit, which is always a good thing. I got together for a beer with some friends from my old job, none of whom I'd seen since the layoff nearly two months ago.  It was great to catch up and hang out with folks from the nicest group of people I ever worked with.

Let's see… anything else?

Oh, yes, one other thing: I went to the doctor for my physical and blood work so I can start HRT. Almost slipped my mind there...

I barely slept the night before, partly because I was anxious and partly because I was paranoid I'd a) oversleep (my appointment was at 8:30 AM), and/or b) not be able to find Doctor T's office. I live in a small town, so I have to drive at least 45 minutes for pretty much everything transition-related.

Because I woke up at 4:45 AM, I did manage to make it to the office on time. In my pre-caffeine haze I was momentarily frozen when the receptionist asked what the purpose of my visit was, especially since there were two women behind me with small children in tow. After a beat, I simply said "A physical." A career in improv clearly beckons post-transition, methinks. 

Doctor T was, as advertised, extremely nice and very easy to talk with. I told him my therapist had referred me with her highest recommendation. He smiled and said the feeling was mutual. 

He asked me to briefly discuss how I came to realize I was trans. I gave him the 60 second version, after which he mentioned that he was always struck by how consistently the stories his patients told him matched each another.

He then asked me if I understood what HRT meant, and if I could explain it in my own words. I believe I then spoke non-stop for five minutes without once pausing for oxygen (a sure sign I was keyed up :c)). He finally threw up his hands, laughing, and said he might hire me to explain it to his other patients in the future. Hey, six months of intensive research was NOT going to go to waste…

Next up was the physical itself, which is always a joy. <eye roll> Apparently I have a low pulse rate and body fat percentage compared to others my age, so I guess years of walking everywhere and being a slave to the Stair Master really *did* pay off! Good to know. :c)

Once he finished the physical, he said he thought I was in excellent shape and didn't see any reason we couldn't start HRT at my next appointment, assuming the blood test results didn't turn up anything. We briefly went over the combinations he prefers to use for patients my age (over 35), which basically means either shots or a patch, with the latter being his preference. (Mine too, especially since I don't mix well with needles.) 

Before sending me off for my blood work, he gave me some paperwork to review and sign before my next appointment, describing what HRT will and won't do. (When I told my friend F about how I'll lose muscle mass in my upper body, he eyed my already-scrawny arms dubiously and, after a moment, asked "Is that even possible?")

After getting my blood work done - which, true to form, I didn't watch - I set my next appointment for November 8th. As I drove home, I was shaking my head and marveling at how far I've come in six months. As I told F that night, if you had told me in January that I'd be on the verge of starting HRT in less than three weeks I never would have believed you. But here I am. :c) It's another step in a long, long journey… but it's a really BIG step. November 8th, hurry up and get here, would you? :c)


Some classic Miles Davis from his 1969 masterpiece, In A Silent Way. I listen to this album at least once a week and never grow tired of it:


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