Pale, Blue Eyes

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello all. Hope everyone is ready for the weekend. I know I am. I've been enduring my semi-annual bout with the flu since last Saturday. The bug that is going around now is a particularly nasty one. I basically slept all day from Saturday through early Tuesday afternoon (I missed two days of work). 

I was feeling well enough - or, alternately, was still not thinking clearly enough lol - to keep my electrolysis appointment on Tuesday evening. My electrologist snapped a quick photo of me in her waiting room: 

Yes, I really am that pale. :D Well, in this picture it's really just her doing a terrific job of capturing the late afternoon sunlight - and trying to do her best with her "model." lol

Incidentally, you can glimpse my (relatively) new teal and black dress - and my bra strap. :#) As April has told me, I guess I really am a shameless hussy!

And on that note, folks, I bid you all a pleasant Friday. Enjoy the weekend!!!


I've posted this before, but it's so good I'm doing it again: Alejandro Escovedo's moving cover of the Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes":

You say you need to induce goosebumps? Well, here you go:

How is this man not a household name, I ask you? Just an amazing artist. I could use different Alejandro Escovedo songs in my posts for the next year and not come close to exhausting his catalogue of great songs. He is a national treasure...


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