Coal for Cassidy? (a/k/a Christmas Cass: Naughty or Nice?)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Depends on who you ask, actually. [coughcough] ;-p

Actually, I have been naughty; I have several long-in-development posts that I need to finish. I promise, Santa, I will get them done as soon as possible! (No promises on any other mischief I may get into, however. [insert evil grin here]) ;-p

Meanwhile, I'll be here practicing my innocent look:


Paul Kelly, who is rightly considered a national treasure in his native Australia but is criminally overlooked Stateside, is the author of this wonderful, moving, and utterly unique Christmas song: "How to Make Gravy." While he does, indeed, tell you how to make gravy, it's about much, much more. This is a gem. :D


No one but Paul Kelly could have written this - and thank goodness for the rest of us that he did. :c)

Here are a few others from his vast catalog of great songs. First up, we have "Before Too Long," from 1986:

Next up is "If I Could Start Today Again," from 2002:

If you appreciate great songwriting, he has a terrific anthology called Songs from the Southland that is the perfect introduction to this wonderful artist.


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