Short & Sweet (For Once) ;c)

Sunday, February 28, 2021

 Hey folks. Just a very quick post to say hello. 

It was a busy week here both at work and home, particularly home. I'm in the middle of hunting for a new apartment, which is always time-consuming and stressful. I have a few prospects to investigate in the next few days; hopefully by this time next week I'll know my next address. More on that in the next post.

That will do it for now. Hope everyone has a good week! 


I"ll keep the music portion of the post brief as well - but I'll make it count. :c) 

PJ Harvey released the demos from her 2000 masterpiece Stories From the City Stories From the Sea last week. It's a great record, and this is my favorite song: "You Said Something":

Her singing is so evocative - so much so that although she never tells you what they said (note that she never specifies if it's a man or a woman), I think we can guess. :c)

Ciao, all...


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