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Friday, June 24, 2011

So, the first few posts wound up not being what I'd expected. Sort of went where the muse took me. :c) 

Funny thing is, several friends have said I should be a music critic, but it just isn't all that appealing. What gives someone the right - or the knowledge - to criticize people who actually have the talent and tenacity to create something? I'm not a big Dilbert fan, but I thought he nailed it when Dogbert decided to be a critic. When Dilbert asked him why, he replied that he wanted to be able to dismiss an artist's lifework with a witty remark. :c) Sad but true. (That said, Mikal Gilmore, David Fricke, and Brett Milano are always worth reading. Never fail to learn something after seeing their byline on something.)

Anyway, I started a blog as an extension of my journal, which I've been writing for nearly ten years. Even there, in something that no one but me would ever see, I couldn't acknowledge what I've known most of my life, but couldn't bring myself to admit: I'm a girl. 

I think I'll keep doing the journal, but I've found that it drifted from my original purpose - to be, well, a journal. Instead, it's sort of morphed into a place to work out stuff about my comic strip. Just doing a daily brain dump (and no, it doesn't take long, ha ha!), which has proved to be a good way to clear the ol' synapses, creatively speaking. 

But then I was thinking there might be other things to consider writing about. Like… well, let's see… the Mariners amazing pitching… what's for dinner… changing my gender… You know - stuff.

And thus it is so. :c)

So. I guess I'll just use this to figure out how I got here, where I'm going, and maybe a word or three about the sights and sounds I use to inspire/comfort myself along the way. Since I'm easily distracted, an entry could really be about anything. Abandon all hope, ye continuity-seekers! You have been warned, imaginary audience.

 Stay tuned!


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