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Friday, April 27, 2012

For the past few weeks, I've been going for a walk after getting out of work. I typically go to the gym, but because my ribs are still on the mend, that isn't an option at the moment.

Fortunately, the weather has been terrific for walking, and it doesn't hurt too much unless I overdo it. (Who, me?) Shivering and broken ribs are *not* a good combination, as I may have mentioned before.

One nice, unanticipated bonus of these extended sojourns (besides not going stir-crazy)? I'm listening to albums on my iPod that I all too often overlook in favor of the newest additions to my ever-growing collection.

Case in point? Today I listened to the first three Cheap Trick albums in a row, which they released, incredibly, in a 16-month burst of power pop perfection from early 1977 to spring 1978. Good Lord, what an amazing run of albums! Their self-titled debut and Heaven Tonight - *especially* Heaven Tonight - are as good as it gets. (Incidentally, their two most recent albums are the equal of anything they've put out since this amazing first salvo, and that's saying something.)

Not only were they the first band I ever saw live (I won't say when, since it makes me sigh when I remember how long ago it was!), but I was fortunate enough to see them perform each of these albums in their entirety, one each night, during a three night stand about ten years ago. The songs still sound great, and they're still a smoking hot live band. See the clips below for a taste of what they were like back in the day - and what they're like now.

So, a sunny, early spring afternoon, mending ribs, a long, energizing walk to think about how my new job will let me save money for the big changes ahead, and a killer soundtrack... an afternoon well spent, I'd say!


From Cheap Trick's first TV appearance, in early 1978:

And here they are on Conan O'Brien in 2011, doing an amazing version of "Dream Police" - with a string section! You can see why I still adore this band.

A Happy Pre-Easter to one and all!


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