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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just a roundup of the goings-on the past few weeks here in Cass's corner of the world. It has been/will be pretty frantic for the next month or so. But a good frantic. :c)

First up… I started the new job two weeks ago. So far so good. Starting any job, of course, is fraught with peril, and this one has been no exception. But overall it's been fairly smooth up 'til now.

What's struck me is how, well, calm I've been about this learning process. In the past I've been somewhat neurotic (well, more than somewhat) and prone to get down on myself the instant I made the slightest error. But so far, I've been pretty sanguine when things began to move too fast. Even better, I've felt perfectly fine with saying so. Just a nice side effect from driving down that testosterone.


I'm having a bit less luck on the apartment hunt so far. There was one building in particular on which I had my heart set, but, alas, they don't have any openings until July at the earliest. 

I'm staying with my parents (in my old bedroom, no less), so my current living situation isn't feasible for that length of time. It isn't really fair to keep imposing on them. I *really* want to get into this particular complex, so I may sublet for a few months in the hope that they do, in fact, have openings in July.

More importantly, I really want my own space so I can be myself more often. Especially since I can now afford to actually buy stuff. And with the help from my own personal shopping assistant on call (my sister C, that is), I may actually wind up with a wardrobe that actually fits. My first attempts were, well, less than impressive. (C's comment, upon seeing what I'd picked out: "What, are you dressing for two?")

While I have a sneaking suspicion she's just happy to get to indulge her shopping jones - and on someone else's dime, no less - her input is welcome. I certainly need some work figuring out my look. Luckily we're have a similar build (with the obvious differences, at least for the time being), so that will help matters. It's time for Cass to figure out her look. Stay tuned…


The ribs are slowly starting to feel better. They're still sore, and I still can't really turn to the left, which makes driving an adventure. I drove for nearly three hours today, and the last hour or so was basically with one hand. I simply couldn't keep my left arm out any longer.

Sleeping is still a dicey proposition. I can almost sleep on my side again for short periods, but there's a new complicating factor to liven things up: my boobs are *really* tender right now. I had finally fallen asleep last night only to be jolted awake when I rolled over a bit too far. The girls, tiny though they may be (and we're talking TINY, believe me), clearly don't cotton to any pressure at the moment. 

So, I think I've sussed out my sleep problems. I just need to avoid sleeping on my left side, my right side, my back, or my stomach. Simple. 


Anyone know the going rate to rent a sleeping bag on the space station?


Last but not least, another fun vignette from the life of a trans gal.

I met my friends T & J, two of the first people to whom I came out, for dinner last night. While it was wonderful to see them both J deserves extra plaudits. An Italian gal to the core, she managed to fight her genetic makeup and only administered what I estimated to be about a 1/4 strength version of her patented power hug, lest she crush my remaining ribs. So I, and my sore ribs, thank you, J.

As T & J sipped their wine (I'm a lightweight, literally and figuratively, when it comes to alcohol), J looked around for a moment.

"Look at this," she said. "What could be better? A good bottle of wine, great food on the way, and two handsome gentlemen."


"Well, for now, anyway."


And on that note, hope everyone has a great weekend and work week!


A beautiful, melancholy song from the great Nick Drake (did he write any other kind?) for the end of a long, busy Saturday.

And, last but not least, what might be the most beautiful song ever written, his classic "Northern Sky."

This is one of a handful of songs that are perfect in every way, with "God Only Knows," "Here, There, and Everywhere," and Gene Clark's "For A Spanish Guitar" among them. (How good is "For A Spanish Guitar"? Bob Dylan has said he wishes he had written it. And that's from a man who throws around compliments like manhole covers...)


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