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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Greetings and salutations, folks! Yes, I am still here, in body and as much of my mind as is still functioning. :c)

It has been a frantic two months. How frantic, you ask? I have been working on two projects, one at work and one non-work, both of which had/have deadlines this week, for that entire stretch. For the past six weeks I have been putting in 80+ hours every week.  

I met one deadline - the more challenging non-work one, thankfully - last night, the end of a 15 hour work day, coupled with two and a half hours of commute time. 

Today was a frantic day at work, but more of the standard end-of-project-cycle variety. (I know Stace and others can relate!) The other, work-related deadline is tomorrow, but the worst is over in terms of workload. As I kidded a developer colleague today, "Now I get to ask YOU why the hell you aren't finished yet!" lol 

(Actually, everyone has been working extremely hard - and extremely well - together. No hissy fits, no temper tantrums... just a team buckling down to get the job done as best we can under stressful, challenging conditions. It helps quite a bit to know that everyone has each other's back.)

I will write more about how I got into such a stressful, time-consuming situation in my next post. I have learned a hard, hard lesson as a result. 

It is a lesson I have needed to learn for some time. A number of people whose opinion I value a great deal have told me as much, with varying degrees of forcefulness. (Including Kelli - you were correct once again, missie!). 

Fortunately, it has finally sunk in at long last. I get it, finally. And as result, there are going to be changes in my life as a result. Big changes.

But it can wait 'til next time. :) I plan to unwind a bit tonight (if my brain will let me!), get to bed relatively early (I hope), and make one last push tomorrow to cross the finish line. Then I can turn my focus to a subject I have seemed to push aside far too often in the past.

Me. :c)

Until next time, be well, everyone, and enjoy the summer! It's finally arrived here in the Boston area along with the standard humidity. I took this picture one recent morning - AFTER spending 10-15 fruitless minutes trying to straighten my hair. lol (I gave up, needless to say.)

Until next time... be cool!


Here's a great song from Elton John's 1983 album Too Low For Zero that sums up where I am at this very moment:

He reunited with his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin after a recorded the song, and album, with Bernie Taupin once again collaborating on the songwriting and the core band he used on the staggering string of classic albums he recorded in the 1970s. The difference in energy from his previous solid-but-not-inspiring albums is palpable.

Incidentally, for those of you who are not aware, Elton has been on a creative roll for well over a decade now, releasing a string of albums that can stand tall in his catalogue. The first of these albums, 2001's Songs from the West Coast, is a particular favorite, and one I still pull out frequently. 

Here's the album closer, "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore," which features a wonderful video starring none other than a very young Justin Timberlake, who makes a more than credible Elton stand-in. (And yes, that's Pee Wee Herman playing Elton's manager.) Enjoy! :c)


Unknown on June 27, 2014 at 9:29 AM said...

Big hugs sis, get some rest and take care of yourself.

Love you!

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