Hair, Meet Humidity

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This isn't the post I mentioned previously (I actually have *another* one I need to write before that one, in fact). But a photo I snapped yesterday (Monday) amused me greatly, so I thought I would share it.

It was VERY hot and humid here over the weekend, and particularly on Monday. Think Southern Florida hot and humid.

I had a fascinating chat with TDMM (The Divine Miss M - hey hon! :-p) at work about some of the differences I've noticed between "him" and myself. My perspiration certainly differs, which we both found intriguing.

I still perspire quite a bit, but its feel, and taste, are totally different from "his." I mention this because after work on Monday I went for a long walk. (I'd run both Saturday and Sunday.) I'd had my hair up all day, as I typically do at work, mostly so it isn't in my way. When I came in from my walk in the steam bath we call a New England summer, I took my hair out of its bun, sat for a few minutes to cool off a bit, then got dressed and headed home.

I'didn't think anything of how I looked until I stopped at Starbucks for my toffee nut iced coffee, my daily post-exercise reward. A fellow customer glanced at me and said, "Pretty humid out there today, huh?" I smiled and nodded while she stared at me, apparently in wonder, for a moment more. I filed it a way after a moment as one of those odd moments.

No sooner had I done so than one of my barista friends came over and said, "So... just a bit muggy, huh, Cass?"

I must have looked baffled, because she laughed and suggested I go look in the mirror.

So I did.

And when I saw this I burst out laughing:

Oh. My. God.

This is hair you measure by its wingspan.

We are talking Southern-Belle-Closer-To-Heaven hair.

This is the only salvageable photo of the lot; I was giggling so much the others are all useless. lol

I think my dear friend Alice summed it up best when I sent her this shot via text:


Just so. :c)

Anyway, I know many of my posts have been fairly somber. The past 8-9 months have been difficult. So when a moment of much-needed levity arrives, it should be treasured. And this one was. :c)


A quick shout-out to a special someone (let's call her... oh, I don't know, Miss SBS) for a most memorable evening late last week. Hope you enjoy the little memento I left and file it away for future reference. ;c) Thank you again, hon!!! xoxoxo


Here's some Otis Redding to help celebrate Hump Day (a/k/a Wednesday):

And here's Peter Gabriel's stunning cover version of Lou Reed's gorgeous "The Power of the Heart."

It's from an covers album (which is excellent) that he recorded in 2010... although I can't quite nail down the title... :c)


Jenna on July 20, 2016 at 1:19 AM said...

That is awesome hair :-)
Yesterday we had what I can only think is the hottest day of the year. The last time I remember temperatures like we've had was when I was working in Vermont during the summer back around 2000. Walk out of the hotel at 7am and it was like walking into an oven. Thank goodness I had short hair back then :-)

Cassidy on July 20, 2016 at 9:44 PM said...

Thanks, Jenna! I agree it's... well, something. ;D

It's been an odd summer here so far. It's been relatively cool for the most part (the weekend before last it never made it above 58F/14C) with brief burst of extremely hot and humid weather.

Vermont is absolutely beautiful, isn't it (even if it is monstrously hot)? I hope you've had the chance to visit in the fall; the foliage is just stunning. Fall is pretty much the only time I like being in the Boston area.

Hope all is well with you & yours, hon. You're all in my thoughts. xoxoxo


Cassidy on July 20, 2016 at 9:44 PM said...

Oops - that's "bursts," not "burst."

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