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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So, I have a handful of partially-written posts, with varying degrees of completeness, but I thought I would share a funny story from Saturday evening. Thank you to my electrologist M, who suggested this would make a cute blog post. :-p

It's been unusually hot and humid here in the Boston area for the past two weeks; we just had our sixth straight day with temperatures well above 90F (33C) and dew points in the mid-60s, with at least two more days to follow.

We had an incredible microburst late Saturday afternoon, the likes of which I have never seen. We had torrential rain, 65 mph/104kph winds, and quarter-sized hail. The rain and hail were literally horizontal. It was surreal - and even more so when it ended barely five minutes after it started. Amazing.

We lost power in my neighborhood for nearly 10 hours, which made for a stiflingly hot sleepless evening. (We lost it again Sunday night/early Monday morning, but I'd had my air conditioner on for several hours already, which helped my bedroom stay reasonably comfortable until the power came back on at 3:00 AM.)

But I digress. :c) The story takes place early Saturday evening, shortly after the power went out. It was a limited outage; the other side of my block never lost power, nor did downtown.

I decided to simultaneously run an errand and reward myself for managing to exercise in this heat by picking up my favorite, toffee nut iced coffee. I took a quick shower and threw on a dress I'd had for several years but had never actually worn before. I grabbed a pair of flip-flops and headed out to my car.

There was an outdoor concert taking place near downtown, so I decided to park a few blocks away and walk over, rather than hunt for a parking spot.

As I was making my way downtown, a car was passing the other way. I wasn't really paying attention until it slowed down and the driver side window lowered.

I glanced over and saw a middle-aged gent (and rather nice-looking, actually) whistled appreciatively.

"Damn... those legs must go all the way to heaven!" he said with a wink.

(For the record, here's what I was wearing:)

Somehow he avoided coming off as a leering jackass lol, so I felt comfortable replying.

"Thank you," I said with a smile. "But actually they're just going to CVS."

(CVS is a drugstore, for anyone outside the States who may not be familiar with the name.)

After a split-second he laughed out loud, then replied "Touche!"

I grinned, thanked him again for the compliment, and wished him a good night. He bowed theatrically behind the wheel, raided his window, then beeped twice as he drove off.

The grin never left my face the rest of my walk, needless to say. :c)


Here's a bonus photo, in case you were wondering just how humid it's been here. This was taken  Sunday evening:

Yes, somehow my hair was even bigger than the previous post. :) I did nothing to get it this way, incidentally - no gel, mousse, hairspray, etc. This is Mother Nature's doing entirely. Any bigger and I could be a Southern Belle the way I used to dream about! lol


As you can imagine, I had no choice but to post this tune:

That is one hell of a great song, even if you don't like Rod Stewart. I do, incidentally, as you probably guessed. :-) His first five solo albums, and his tenure in The Faces atone for nearly all sins committed since.

Here's one more to demonstrate what an incredible live band The Faces were. Be sure your seat belt is fastened and your tray tables are in the upright and locked position before watching this one:

RIP, Ronnie Lane and Ian MacLagen...


Unknown on July 27, 2016 at 6:44 PM said...

Just a fabulous story. You look GREAT. Keep it up ! Thanks,

Cassidy on July 27, 2016 at 9:09 PM said...

Aww... thank you, Julia! What a sweet comment! :#)


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