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Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello all. :) I'm working on several other posts at the moment, at least one of which I hope to post by mid-week. I think you'll like this one. :-p

In the meantime, I thought I would share some new-found wisdom I gleaned last Friday, albeit unintentionally. Follow along after the jump for the latest installment of Miss Cassidy's Follies. :c)

To make a long (and embarrassing) story short: I had some trouble putting in my contacts last Friday.

OK... a lot of trouble.

I've been wearing them since January now, and am relatively proficient at taking them and out, bearing in mind that I am not the most dextrous of lasses at the best of times. (My definition of a successful workout, for instance, consists of not strangling myself while taking of my headphones when I finish.) Occasionally, though, I have days like Friday where I struggle.

At any rate, on my fourth or fifth unsuccessful attempt, I thought I'd dropped the lens, and was unable to find it. So, I put in another one, this time on my first try.

My eye didn't hurt, nor was my vision impacted. It did feel a bit... different, but nothing unusual. I assumed that my eye may have been a bit irritated from the failed attempts. So, I decided I would take them out as soon as I finished my run after work (i.e. after about five hours).

I took out the left lens without a problem. The right took several tries - which likely should have tipped me off that something was amiss, since typically they almost literally fall out when I remove them.

I thought nothing of it, though, and headed out to my car. I put on my glasses; again, nothing obviously wrong, other than the aforementioned "irritation."

I stopped off to pick up a sandwich for dinner, and did something I never do since I started wearing makeup - I reached up instinctively and rubbed my eye...

... and a contact lens fell into my lap. 0_0

Well. lol

I suspect what actually happened is that I did put it in the first time; however, I most likely put it in backwards. (For non-contact wearers, you basically check that the lens is shaped like a cup before putting it in. The occasional lens can be a bit deceiving, though, which is likely what happened to me.) Since it was in backwards, putting in the second lens worked as it normally would, more or less.

Anyway, I decided to give my poor eye a break, and stuck to my glasses this weekend. I'm sure my ophthalmologist breathed a sigh of relief as well. :D

Well, think that does it for now. Until my next missive, please feel free to insert your own joke here about double vision, looking back, etc. ;-) Have a good Monday, everyone!


My vision may have been a bit wobbly on Friday, but I can still spot a great tune when I see one. For instance, here's Joe Jackson and his killer band, performing "Look Sharp" back in 1979:

Also from 1979, a terrific performance of "It's Different For Girls," a thoughtful song from a songwriter with something to say about gender roles and cultural expectations.

Finally, a gorgeous version of "Breaking Us In Two," from 1982's Night & Day album:

What a heartbreakingly beautiful song...


LL Cool Joe on August 22, 2016 at 3:16 AM said...

Ha, ha, my partner can take hours putting contact lenses in whilst my 17 year old does it in seconds. :D

Jenna on August 23, 2016 at 1:20 AM said...

I don't normally have problems putting contacts in, although I did have on the weekend and for the same reason that you described, lens was inside out. Later on I had a problem when bathing as one of the lenses came out and the other one seemed to have come out but I wasn't sure. Mild panic looking in the mirror to check whether it was still in there or not and had caught itself under the eyelid or in the corner of the eye. Fortunately not.

Cassidy on August 29, 2016 at 11:23 PM said...

@ Joey: I may need to draft your daughter one of these days if I get well and truly stuck! lol

@ Jenna: The Divine Miss M told me she once had the same issue - the lens inadvertently became caught under her eyelid. Even worse was that she didn't realize it for several days, until her eye began to throb and water uncontrollably. If I recall correctly, she needed a visit to the ER to have it removed safely. [shudder] Glad you fared better than our poor DMM!!!

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