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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello all, and Welcome to the Working Week, as a Mr. Declan MacManus once put it.  Just wanted to take a moment to say hello while I work on several longer posts.

My Monday was relatively good; I say "relatively" because I had a run-in with a bee while out for a brief walk at work. Somehow it managed to fly into my cupped hand (I was carrying my sunglasses). It was one of those one-in-a-million occurrences - and unfortunately for me, it stung me before I could react.

I'd been stung once before, all the way back in first grade, but never since. I cursed reflexively (apologies again to the gentlemen who were inadvertently subjected to  the un-ladylike stream of invective I unleashed as they walked past me lol), then immediately turned around and went back inside.

I had a pair of tweezers in my pocketbook (the better to pluck rogue eyebrow lashes with), and fortunately was able to pull out the stinger without a problem. I washed it thoroughly and applied some Bactine to be safe. Within a few minutes it looked and felt fine. And now, ten hours later, it's as good as new.

Hopefully the rest of your week (and mine as well) doesn't involve any wayward encounters with our insect neighbors (with the obvious exception of The Beatles, who are welcome any time). Hoping to have another post up in a few days, so watch this space! Ciao 'til then...

(Oh... I don't have any tops with yellow and black stripes, so I'm afraid the photo above is as close as I can come to today's bee theme...)


While getting stung was less than pleasant, it did give me a chance to post a great track from The Black Crowes - 1992's "Sting Me," from The Southern Harmony & Rhythm Companion:

Also from the same album, an absolutely ferocious version of "Remedy":

I was fortunate enough to see them on this tour, which featured the original lineup (with Marc Ford on guitar); they were absolutely on fire.

I subsequently saw them a number of times after they reformed in 2005, with Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi All-Stars fame filling Marc Ford's spot, and they were as good as ever. Want proof? Sure - here you go. :c)

And lastly, here's Rich Robinson (brother Chris was the singer) taking over the vocals for a phenomenal version of The Velvet Underground's "Oh! Sweet Nothin'" - 11:17 of utter bliss:

Sigh... I miss The Crowes... Oh well, at least Chris and Rich are still making music, I suppose...


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