Three Down, One To Go!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Sox did indeed bounce back  Sunday night in Game 4, as I'd hoped they would. And they did it is as a team - again.

Their starting pitcher, Clay Bucholz, pitched with what is called a dead arm - that is, he has a shoulder injury that's leaves his pitching arm numb. He gave the Sox four innings on sheer grit and will.

As for the Sox offense, rhe one person NO ONE was counting on was outfielder Jonny Gomes, who has been flat-out awful the entire playoffs when hitting. There were calls to remove him from the lineup. 

Manager John Farrell resisted those calls, sticking with a player who brings far more to the team than his statistics indicate. 

So what did Gomes do?

Just absolutely crush a pitch and drive it into the Red Sox bullpen for a three-run homer that decided the game, that's all.

Game Five was more of the same: contributions from everyone. Jon Lester, their best pitcher, was magnificent. David Ortiz, their best hitter, has been awe-inspiring, and is on the verge of setting numerous offensive records this series. He was 3-4 at the plate tonight.

So who drove in the winning run, you ask?

David Ross, their catcher.

Their BACKUP catcher.

Their *defensive specialist* backup catcher.

Of course. Who else could it be, after all? :-p

The Series returns to Boston in Wednesday for Game 6. The Red Sox are one win away from being the champions... but St Louis is a tough, proud team. Whatever happens, the winner will have earned it.

That said...

GO SOX!!! :D


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