"A Night of Transition, and of New Beginnings"

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I still wasn't feeling well last night - and in fact I still don't feel well now - but I had enough reserves in the tank to go see My Morning Jacket and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band as planned with T & J.

I'm so glad I did. :c)

We met for dinner at a tapas restaurant near the venue. I've never had tapas before, but I became a quick convert. It was delicious! I even had two Blood Oranges. OK, they were non-alcoholic - I have a low tolerance for alcohol (my only hangover came from two and a quarter 12 oz. cups of beer - honest! lol) - but they were delicious.

We then took the train to the venue. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band was wonderful, as always. I've decided one of my must-do items is to see them in New Orleans at the actual Preservation Hall. One of these days...

My Morning Jacket took the stage shortly before 9:30. They are an amazing live band, one of the best I've seen. This is my fifth time seeing them, and they never disappoint.

Jim James, the lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter, only spoke once during the main set, thanking us for spending the evening with them. He described New Year's Eve as "a holy night, a sacred night, a night of transition, and a night of new beginnings." J squeezed my hand when he said this; I felt as if he were talking to me.

They played, without interruption, until 11:50. PHJB joined them for several numbers, which sent the already sky-high energy into the stratosphere. The power of live music to bring 5000+ people together never ceases to amaze.

They took a very brief intermission, then emerged shortly before midnight and led the big countdown.

Then the heavens opened. :c)

Cameras weren't allowed, so I was limited to my iPhone, but hopefully this gives some feel for how it looked. Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, that's a giant inflatable bottle of My Morning Jacket champagne on stage in the first two pictures. :c)

As the balloons and confetti fell, they played what is probably my favorite song of theirs, and a perfect choice:

This is an old clip, but it gives you a sense of their power live. :c)

They played for another 50 minutes, again without interruption, before calling it a night and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

I can't imagine a better, more hopeful, more life-affirming way to ring in what I hope is a much better year than last year. Nor can I imagine spending it with better friends than T & J. It was a wonderful night.

Once again, Happy New Year, everyone! May the New Year bring all of us the happiness we deserve.


Here are a few other clips to give you a feel for what MMJ and PHJB sound like, together and separately.

BTW, the last clip is from the concert film Okonos, which is on both CD and DVD. It's pretty great, and, as you can see, they have a warped sense of humor. No wonder I like them so much. ;c)


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