HRT: Day One (a/k/a Where the f*** are my boobs?)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

OK, just a little joke there in the title. My friends T & J happened to be in town on Saturday, the actual day I started HRT. When I joked with J that I would use this for the title of this post, she pointed out that I was a) scrawny and b) Irish, advising "Hon, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on them if I were you." Duly noted. 

I'd actually received the prescriptions last week, as mentioned in the previous post, but - and don't gasp with shock - there were insurance issues that had to be dealt with first. Suffice it to say that while I'm glad I have access to COBRA, trying to figure out the mess is enough to make you *need* to see a doctor. Sigh.

At any rate, I spoke with a very nice lady at the prescription agency early last week. She was nice enough to promise to get my cards to me sooner than the standard ten days. 

Cut to Friday, when I awoke with a nasty allergy attack. I only get them once or twice a year, but when I do, I *really* get them. Ever swallow water while swimming? Imagine swallowing, say, five gallons; that's how I felt Friday.

Nonetheless, I dragged myself out to the mailbox where - Lo and behold! - the prescription card had arrived. To hell with the dizziness, nausea, and constantly running nose! I've waited my entire life for this; some crappy little dust particles aren't stopping me. 

So I wheezed my way over to the local Rite-Aid. A few minutes after I dropped off the prescription, the pharmacist paged me.  When I arrived, she looked slightly confused and motioned for me to a private section of the pharmacy. She held up one of the prescription bottles.

"Do you know this is estrogen?" she asked, a note of concern in her voice. 

I smiled and assured her I did.

After a moment, a startled look appeared, her hand went to her mouth, and she said, "Oh… oh!" I didn't intend it, but I began to laugh.

She started to apologize, but, still laughing, I told her it wasn't necessary. She looked relieved and thanked me for understanding her reaction. 

After ringing up my purchase and handing me my prescriptions, she leaned over.

"I just want you to know that I think you're very brave. Good luck with everything."

I barely noticed my throbbing sinuses the whole way home. 


When I woke up Saturday morning, my head was clear, and I was ready to start anew. And so I did, taking another step - a big one - on the long road.


Here are a few Pearl Jam songs that seem appropriate.

I guess this is technically is an Eddie Vedder solo song, first written for the Dead Man Walking soundtrack. The band does a great version of it as well:

Here's a moving version from the America: A Tribute to Heroes broadcast:

And last but not least, "Wasted (Reprise)", which uses few words while providing lasting thoughts.


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