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Monday, December 31, 2012

Day Seven of my semi-annual bout with the flu, 2012 edition.

All I can say is this:

Ugh. :c)

Actually, I'm feeling somewhat better, but still have a ways to go before I am back to what passes for normal for me. Insert your own catty remarks here about "normal" and yours truly, for those of you so inclined. ;c)

I never got out of bed from Monday evening until Thursday morning, for all intents and purposes. I had an appointment Thursday afternoon to see my therapist, and the drive down and back (80-90 minutes each way) drained me. (As an aside, I am working on a longer post about my last two sessions now, but the flu has made it quite a chore.)

I managed to take relatively short walks (about an hour) both Friday and Saturday, but I was drained upon returning home each time. On Sunday I had to go out and shovel for 45 minutes, and simply collapsed on my couch and slept for nearly four hours when I got home today. I *never* do that.

On the bright side, I *did* manage to make it to my parents' house to pick up some of my Christmas presents, at long last.

Typically my mother will insist on buying me clothes every year, even though I wish she wouldn't. First, they often don't fit - she seems to think I weigh about 25 lbs. more than I actually do lol - and second, well, I've never really cared what I look like when dressed as him. It felt... pointless. Anyway, I suspect my sister may have persuaded her not to spend the money this year. Good call, sis!

So: I received a new bedspread, some kitchen knives, a new pair of sneakers (boy style, but that's OK), and a light box to help compensate for the lack of winter sunlight. That will come in handy the next few months.

But I had to show you the two favorite gifts I received.

I don't suppose I have to tell anyone that they are cow-related, do I?

First is this lovely lady, courtesy of my parents:

And wait until I show you what my nephew C (yes, that nephew C) gave me:

Even a certain bovine-phobic friend admitted this little guy was awfully cute!

So as you can see from the following photo, my little menagerie is growing:

That's the new bedspread, by the way. :c)

In the "Bonus Bovine" department, here is the cow bank I purchased during my trip with T & J last month:

Judging from his expression this is Crazy Cow, the relative you try to avoid sitting next to at the holiday table. But I love him anyway. :c)

Incidentally, T & J gave me this adorable hat for Christmas, which I love. It's teal, my favorite color, although the lighting in this photo obscures it a bit.

J felt it would go well with this outfit, which I purchased after she and I had noticed it last summer:

Can't wait to try it when sub-arctic conditions no longer rule!

I am touched with how thoughtful these gifts all are. People got who I am, even though I'm usually not presenting as myself to them yet. It's encouraging, to say the least. :c)


Health permitting, I'll be ringing in the new year with T & J tonight seeing one of my favorite bands, My Morning Jacket.

Eddie Vedder won't be here, but it will still be amazing! It's a great way to usher in what promises to be a year of major changes for me.

I cannot wait. :c)


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