GCS? Y-E-S! (a/k/a Miss Cass Goes to Montreal!)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

No burying the lead here: your humble blogstress Cassidy is in Montreal, and had my GCS on Monday with Dr. Brassard! Woo hoo!!!

I'm feeling as well as I could possibly hope so far, other than one bout with light-headedness/dizziness after walking from the hospital to the convalescence center yesterday morning. I did a bit too much too soon in that case, but otherwise I'm fine so far. Fingers crossed it continues this way!

The entire staff here, from Dr. Brassard himself on down, is absolutely wonderful. A special shout-out to the lovely Miss V, at the Gite du Marigot. Miss you already, girl!

As for the food... Oh. My. God. I told one of the nurses yesterday that the food is so good I've decided to just stay here permanently. lol

(My manager L, meanwhile, who has very kindly taken over attending my team meetings in my absence, asked if I could have Dr. Brassard send *her* some of my drugs. lol I guess we can't *all* win in these deals...  ;-p)

I want to finish with a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to Alice, who was with me from my arrival here in Montreal on Saturday until I finally (albeit begrudgingly) agreed to loan her back to her husband  B yesterday. ;-p Thank you so much, hon; love you to pieces!!! xoxoxo xoxoxo And the same to Halle, who has been checking in several times each day to check on me and fill me in on what to expect next. Love you, hon!!! xoxoxo

Time to wrap up; I drafted this at 4:00 AM after a quick trip to the bathroom. (Cass's quick tip: water is your post-surgery friend. Even if it means becoming  VERY well-acquainted with the bathroom. lol) I don't want to wake up my roommate, the sweet and lovely Miss A, so I'll stop here. We want her in top form when her equally sweet boyfriend D comes by later today. (You two rock!)

Be well, everyone! More soon! xoxoxo

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