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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Apologies for being so scarce lately!

It is not from a lack of things to write about, believe me.

Rather, it is an abundance of them (nearly all positive, happily!), with barely enough time to process them, let alone write about them.

I have several long posts I have started, including one REALLY big one :c), but they are works in progress at the moment.

So I thought it might be fun to just put out some shorter ones, little moments that stand out in my memory and help give a bit of a feel for my day-to-day life.

I'll start off with one about my friend and co-worker R, who is rapidly turning into an endless source for blog topics. :c)

I told her as much, and mentioned that several readers have told me how much they enjoy reading about her. She was puzzled as to why that was so.

"Why would anyone care what *I* think, Cass?" she asked me.

"Because you have a great personality, are incredibly supportive, and really, really funny," I replied.

"Oh," she said. "In that case, write about me as much as you want!"

And so I shall.


I'll start with a chat via text that took place between R and yours truly several weekends ago.

(And yes, that's a 70's pop culture reference in the title - assuming you are a rapidly aging child of the 70s/early 80s, like your humble blog authoress. :c))

R has a wonderful eye for fashion, makeup, and how to present herself well.

She is a stylish dresser, and isn't afraid to have fun with her makeup, nail polish, and so on. And it works wonderfully for her.

She is always passing along terrific tips and tricks for me, particularly for my hair.

It's beginning to get long enough that I can play around with a bit, although I am limited somewhat because it is still in a somewhat androgynous style.

(Or so I think; R and others disagree.

"OK, you need to hear this," she texted me one recent Friday evening. "You look like a girl, Cass. Even when you're in boy mode. You STILL look like a girl. Even when you aren't trying to. So deal with it!!!"

Do I dare do otherwise? lol)

Anyway, she recently suggested that I might try picking up some barrettes to see how they look.

"Why not?" I thought to myself, throwing a pack in my shopping cart that same evening. "I mean, how hard could this be, really?"

Two hours later, still sweating visibly from the effort, I took several shots of the finished product and texted them to R, as promised.

The following conversation ensued:

C: "Just gave a shot at putting my hair in barrettes, Miss R."

R: "Good for you! How did it go?"

C: "I nearly tore both rotator cuffs. Is that normal?"

R: "lol No, not really."

C: "I see. Well, here, let me send the pix."

A minute later:

R: "Oh, I like it! You did really well for your first try!"

C: "Really?"

R: "Absolutely. Just remember: girls figure this stuff out when they're teenagers. And that's where you are right now."

C: "I guess that makes sense."

R: "We'll get together soon and I can show you some different things to try."

C: "Such as...?"

R: "Pulling your hair up higher with them, off your face. Probably just on one side."

C: "Why up high?"

R: "Because you have cheekbones, silly!"

C: "Oh."

(lengthy pause)

C: "Umm... doesn't everyone?"

R: "OMG, girl! lol You really *do* have a lot to learn! You know that, right?"

C: "Yes, I do. Believe me, I do. :c)"

R: "Don't worry. I'll help you."

R: "So will S."

R:  "We'll *all* help you."

I have no doubt.  :-P

I am a lucky, lucky gal, am I not?


Here's a lovely song, "Pink Rabbits," from The National's stellar new album, Trouble Will Find Me.

God, they are such a good band!!!


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