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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello all! It's been a while! Just wanted to say hi and mention that you should watch this space for details of a super-duper, mega-important, historic, earth-shattering event. Think Nixon goes to China... The Beatles come to America... Fonzie moves in with the Cunninghams... we're talking B.I.G.

In the meantime, I have been woefully negligent in posting... well, anything. lol So here are a few semi-recent pictures, and several songs from the albums I've been wearing out lately. :D

First up is what I refer to as my ditzy secretary look:

I'm flashing a bit of 'tude because a friend was teasing me just off camera (about the brace, now that I think about it), and I snapped this shot as I was about to express my mock-indignation. :)

In case you're wondering, the wrist brace is for my tendinitis, which flares up several times a year. I've fractured/broken that wrist four times, so, as you can imagine, it gets a bit cranky from time to time. A little TLC, and it's usually good to go after a few days.

Anyway, more below the jump! Enjoy!!! :D

I've moved away from wearing maxi-dresses as much as I did last year because, well, I think they mad me look kinda frumpy, in many cases. I don't feel frumpy anymore. :c)

That said, I love this one, and continue to wear it often. It's soooooo comfy - although I think it needs a belt, quite honestly. I've been running a lot since I took this, and it's getting a bit loose:

I love this denim jacket! And the blouse is cute too, even though you can't really see it here.

One from last week - had three total strangers (all men, alas lol) come up to me within five minutes(!) and tell me they loved my hair. That *never* happens here in the Northeast! I guess I have to not wash my hair (or comb it, for that matter) after running, which is all I'd done prior to the onslaught of compliments!

OK, enough vanity here - on to the music!!!


The first song is from a wonderful mother-son duo (honest to goodness!) from Kansas City called Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear. This was one of the few times in my life I called a radio station after hearing a song to ask who it was. I picked up their debut album, Skeleton Crew, that night, and have been wearing it out ever since. Check out the lead single,"Silent Movies," and you'll understand why:

The entire album is just as good. You won't regret purchasing this, I assure you!

Song # 2 is from Rhett Miller of The Old 97s, who has just released yet another fine solo album, The Traveler. I usually don't care for staged videos, but this one, for "Most In The Summertime," is pretty funny. Who knew he was a pretty good actor on top of being an ace songwriter?

And finally, one from James McMurtry, one of my favorite songwriters. (His debut, 1989's Too Long In The Wasteland, is one of my Desert Island Discs.) His new album, Complicated Game, is typically excellent. Here he is performing the affecting opening track, "Copper Canteen."

Stay tuned for that big post VERY soon! :c)


Abigale's Airings on August 15, 2015 at 12:20 PM said...

Hi Miss C!
Good to see you again. Lovely set of pictures, really like the colour in the last one, suits you. Can fully understand the guys, your hair is just the hammer! Its my favourite part of you, okay also your eyes, cute nose big smile ... (sometime later) ... ankles, feet and toes.
Nosy about the news.
I have been told on good authority you promised me feedback on the group Flook. Take you time girl, no hurry.
Miss A

Karin July1992 on August 16, 2015 at 11:35 PM said...

Glad to see you are kicking but and taking names. Redheads always get extra attention. I hope your travels are safe ones and that your (trip to the Great White North? - my guess) is a wonderful one.

BTW, how is "Beantown" as a TG-tourist destination? Would a Red Sox game be total suicide? (I/We haven't done a sports event yet. Just some plays).

Stay well and glad to see your smiling eyes!


Nadine Spirit on August 18, 2015 at 10:54 PM said...

Hi Cutie! Nice photos. I like the top outfit and look the best. I love the snarky expression. Your absence in the blogosphere has been felt and I have often been thinking of you and hoping that you are doing well! I am excited to hear your big news.

Good to see you!

Stace on September 3, 2015 at 7:56 AM said...

Please that you are still with us! :P

Love the pictures and, as others have said, can't wait to hear the news!


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