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Monday, May 21, 2012

So... I finally got to tell my friend M about myself tonight. I've been wanting to for quite some time, but for various reasons it simply didn't work out.

Tonight it did. And true to form, in terms of how it's gone so far and in terms of M's, er, warped sense of humor (no *wonder* we get along so well!), it was memorable.

I will preface this by saying that M has lost a great deal of weight in the past few years, in part through daily walks. Since I still can't really do much at the gym while my broken ribs are healing, and because I simply adore walking myself, we went for a power walk after I escaped from the office (no, the new job is not going well, to say the least). 

I had mentioned that I had something to tell him, so he knew something was up. 

After catching him up on the insanity there, here's how it went:

Him: "Boy, you weren't kidding - you sure did have a lot to get off your chest!" 

Me: "Well... that isn't really what I wanted to tell you, actually."

Him: "There's more?"

Me: "Yes. (pause) I'll preface this with what I say to everyone before I tell them: a) I'm not gay, and b) I'm not sick."

Him (breezily): "Oh, so this is about you being a chick inside."

Me (eyes wide, stunned): "Uhh... yes."

Him (nonchalant): "Yeah, you look like a Zelda Morgenstern."

(Aside to reader: No. No, I do not.)

Me: "Uh, M... I'm serious. I'm a transsexual."

Him: "Wait - what?"

Me: "I'm transgendered, M... I'm a girl."

Him: "Oh, wow... Wow." 

(thinks for a moment) 

"So... does this mean I can have your clothes?"

I told C tonight that I didn't think it was possible to top the circumstances when I came out to her... but M managed it!

(Oh, and all joking aside, he was *incredibly* supportive. I'll write more when I get a chance. Since I started HRT, this sort of thing is really exhausting, physically and emotionally. But totally, totally worth it!)


While I really like the Queen song I used for the title of this post, here's my very favorite song of theirs. I don't think David Bowie ever sang this soulfully, before or since. Such a brilliant song (and video)...


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