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Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Post-Turkey Day, everyone!

Just a quick post about a "whoa" moment I had on Wednesday evening. 

I had just stepped out of the shower after coming home from the gym. (It feels SO nice to be able to say I was at the gym again, btw.)

Anyway, I happened to glance in the mirror as I was getting dressed. 

And for the first time...

I saw me.

Not him... 

Not "sort-of-me"... 

But ME.

And with no makeup or other aids, either. 

It literally took my breath away for a second. 

Of course, I wasn't wearing my glasses, which most definitely helped with the illusion. <lol>

(I'm hopelessly near-sighted AND a total klutz, so glasses mean only that I bang into/trip over slightly fewer doors and stationary objects than I do without them. :c) 

(On the other hand, the glasses do seem to change my appearance quite a bit, as I think I've mentioned, helping me to still look like him. However, they seem fit my face less and less as time goes on; now they look MUCH too big for my face. It's hard to describe, but it's definitely happening if even I can notice it.)

Anyway, I digress. It was still quite a moment. A small moment… but still a moment.

I guess my friends weren't kidding when they said the one year mark was when the physical changes really take off. :c) More to come, I hope!


I was listening to Richard Thompson post-voice exercises yesterday morning. Here's a lovely song he co-wrote with Tim Finn of Split Enz and Crowded House fame. He performs it here with his son Teddy, a fine songwriter in his own right. The video quality is so-so, but the performance, and the song, are breathtakingly beautiful.

If Tim Finn's name rings a bell, it's because he is the founder of New Zealand's great New Wave band, Split Enz. His younger brother, Neil, was also a member, and went on to form Crowded House, one of my very, very favorite bands. (Do yourself a favor and pick up... well, any Crowded House album, really. They are all wonderful!)

Anyway here's an equally lovely song from Tim, from his self-titled solo album from 1988. He performs it here with Crowded House:

And because you can never have too much of the Finns, here's "Won't Give In," a moving song from their second album as the Finn Brothers, 2004's Everyone Is Here:

This never fails to give me goosebumps. Heck, ALL of these songs never fail to give me goosebumps...


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