Vignettes: How Cass Spent Her Friday Evening, Part I (a/k/a Cass's New 'Do Revue)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got my hair done last night. They only see me every two months, so it's always interesting to hear their reactions.

One thing I learned, or had reinforced, last night: hormones are mighty powerful. :D

Since I hadn't seen them for a bit, I decided to dress up a bit, and certainly more than I usually would on a Friday.

Truth be told, I *like* to get dressed up; it's a lot of fun. :c) And it feels very, very comfortable. Quite simply, it feels right.

As soon as J (my main stylist) came out to greet me, she exclaimed, "Oh my God, look at you!!! You look so adorable!"

Well, that got things off to a good start, needless to say. lol

Once I sat down, she ran her hands through my hair. Her eyes widened, and she turned to L, who has done the coloring several times, and called her over.

"L, come over here! You need to see this!"

L came over, and J told her to feel my hair. She did, and immediately said, "Wow!!!"

"Her hair has gotten SO thick!" she said to  J.

"I know!" J replied. "It's amazing. And it's growing SO fast too!"

L nodded.

"And we haven't even gotten to summer yet," she said. "I can't wait to see what it looks like in September!"

I guess I don't really see these things as clearly as they do. I know on some level that my hair seems to be growing quickly, and that it seems thicker than I remember, but it's only when someone who doesn't see me every day remarks on it that it sinks in. As I joked with them, this is totally the hormones; I certainly don't have anything to do with it! :D

As J worked on my hair, she told me (half-joking) that she is forbidding me to cut my hair, and that given how fast it's growing I am now obligated to let it grow as long as possible.

"You won't get any arguments from me, J!" I replied. "I cannot *wait* to be able to put mine hair up."

"It won't be much longer at this rate, hon," she said.

After J applied the color, I moved to another section of the salon so she could work with another client in the interim. L came over to keep me company.

"OK, I just have to tell you this: it's amazing how fast you've changed."

"How so?" I asked.

She thought for a moment.

"You just seem totally comfortable with yourself," she replied. "When you first started coming in, you were really nice, but you didn't seem that way."

"I wasn't," I told her, and explained what gender dysphoria is.

She nodded.

"I can totally see that," she said. "You're like a completely different person now. It really is amazing."

"Thank you, L," I said.

"You're welcome. And I have to tell you something," she said. "You totally need to wear nothing but  skirts and dresses from now on."

I laughed, and she did too.

"I'm only half-joking," she said with a smile. "It's like you were telling us earlier, about how strangers keep coming up to compliment you on your hair. They're doing that because it's right for you."

"My manager is from Texas," I said. "And when I told her about that, she asked if they were all tourists."

L laughed again.

"Yeah, really. But think about it: for people from Boston to do that, then it must really be obvious, right?"

I hadn't thought of it that way.

"Well, it's the same with dressing like this," she said, gesturing to the skirt I was wearing. "It's adorable, and really, really feminine. And it's perfect for you. Because so are you."

I was very flattered, and told her so.

"Well, it's all true. It amazing to think that you ever were a boy. I can't believe it, and I knew you when you were!"

"But this is so clearly who you are, and always were. It's so obvious that even total strangers get it as soon as they see you. People like seeing people who are happy."

"Well, most people do. We are in New England, remember. You know the old joke about Boston, right?

She shook her head.

"Boston is where people say 'thank God it's Monday.'"

She burst out laughing, saying that was the first time she'd heard it.

"It's true! But think about it - you must really be making an impression then!"

Once again I had to admit I hadn't thought of it that way. The alarm chimed, indicating it was time to wash my hair.

As we walked to the sink, I told L that both she and J need to put a couch in their work stations.

She asked why.

"Because you both do double duty as stylists and therapists!" :D

That being said, first and foremost they are stylists. And really good ones too. (I've recommended them to a number of different people, several of whom have since become clients.)

So how did it turn out? You can see the results here:

That is a good start to the summer, I would say. :-p


What's that, you say?

You're asking yourself, "Gee, I wonder how Cass spent the rest of her Friday night?"

Well, fear not - Part II is next!


I've been listening to Amy LaVere quite a bit recently. She has worked with Shannon McNally in the past, whom I've liked for quite a while. She has a new album out soon, but in the meantime here's a single she released last summer.

Love the video - it really captures the ambiance of the song!


LL Cool Joe on June 1, 2014 at 3:15 AM said...

Your hair does look amazing. Hairdressers are great aren't they, they just tell it how it is I think. Enjoy your new hair. Btw I get my hair sorted every 3 weeks. Ha!

Stace on June 2, 2014 at 2:43 PM said...

I love that you are able to talk to your hairdresser! I'm rather more quiet than that and used to end up numb whilst they did my hair.

I can't really comment anymore seeing as a friend (who is a hair dresser) does it for me :p


PS Love the colour!

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