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Friday, October 7, 2011

So, I had an interview today, which went well. When you work as a contractor, as I have, Lord knows you get enough experience with them. <lol>

Anyway, it's a 3-4 month contract, possibly a bit longer, which would be good. I want to get through the winter, when my lease expires. Then I can move back to the Other Coast, which I never should have left in the first place. Live and learn, I suppose. :c)

Anyway,  I should know by the middle of next week what the verdict is. Stay tuned!


Since I was too lazy to come up with an original title, I'll continue the lazy theme and post a video of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, "Silver Springs." Like so many of their songs, it was one member writing about another - in this case, Stevie Nicks writing about Lindsey Buckingham about their breakup.

I once saw them play this live; she went over to Lindsey and sang the entire song right to him - with a LOT of passion. He's usually pretty unflappable on stage, but he turned bright red and was so flustered that he totally botched his guitar solo. Even after all these years the spark is still there! <lol>

And there's no relation to this post, but here's some classic Miles Davis from his 1967 tour of Europe with his second great Quintet. This is the definition of "cool." :c)

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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