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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm a night owl by nature, and an insomniac to boot. Not the best combination, but fortunately I can get by on 4-5 hours of sleep. I have a particular problem when I have an early appointment. The end result, typically, is me staring at the clock at 2:00 AM, hours before I actually have to get up.

Anyway, I *had* an early appointment this morning - to follow up with my doctor about my blood work and, hopefully, getting get the prescription for my hormones. So no big deal, really. :c)

I did make it on time, thankfully, albeit groggier and more bleary-eyed than usual. As it turned out, the appointment was pretty routine. Or as routine as this appointment could be, I guess! 

Doctor T said the blood work results all looked good, and that my cholesterol levels were outstanding. We went over the paperwork he'd given me, which explained what HRT does/doesn't do, health risks, etc. Nothing new; of course; I've only been obsessively researching this stuff for the past six months! 

He then asked if I was ready to start HRT. I asked him if it was appropriate to say "F*** yes!", to which he laughed and said under the circumstances, sure, why not? My kind of doctor.

His approach is to start slowly, which sounds smart to yours truly. I'll be taking pills to start, but after about two months or so we'll switch over to either injections or a patch. I prefer the patch, partly because I don't care for needles but also because getting to the doctor's office is a bit of a hassle, especially with winter coming. (I've also heard injections can really wreak havoc on your levels.) But we'll see where things stand in a few months.

After printing out the prescriptions and handing them to me, Dr. T  smiled and said "Congratulations on the start of an exciting journey!" 

And so it begins!


As anyone reading this blog has no doubt deduced by now, I'm a bit of Bruce Springsteen fan. OK, a big Springsteen fan. All right, I'm obsessed. Don't look at me like that!  

Er… anyway, turns out Doctor T is a fellow obsessive when it comes to Bruce. So here's a tune that seems appropriate.


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