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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The past week has mostly been about resting.

But not entirely.


I'm happy to report that I am feeling a bit better every day. As it turns out, sleeping every night for more than two hours makes quite a difference. (Who knew?)

I've actually fallen asleep twice during the day, which I NEVER do. I still get tired at times, but as my doctor told me, "You don't undo six months of not sleeping in just two weeks." But I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

I'm a bit nervous about returning to work, but I've been assured by my colleagues that things will be different. Apparently they are under strict orders to head off any interlopers at the pass if they try to corral me into a meeting, extra work, etc.

In fact, two of my fellow writers, S & R, got together on a gift basket for me, which S was nice enough to drop off yesterday. It contained several candles, an assortment of teas, several types of body lotion designed to help you relax (they clearly get how sensitive Irish skin is!), and a box of my favorite Snak-well cookies. It was very sweet of them.

S also said they have promised my manager that they will ensure I actually eat every day, and pledged to take me out to lunch whenever possible, if only so I don't try to work straight through the day without stopping.

I am very lucky. :c)


What I *really* wanted to write about though, is the big event of last week:

I got my hair cut.

For the first time in over six months.

It was desperately needed, to be honest. It was hanging in my eyes, looked as if it was having a party every night, and was just generally misbehaving.

I made the appointment on Wednesday for Thursday, and had vowed to myself that I would tell them the truth when I did so.

Unfortunately, I lost my nerve at the last moment. There was a client waiting nearby, and I simply couldn't tell the receptionist. I was upset at myself, to be honest, and was kicking myself a bit on the way home.

I mentioned this to a friend via email. And God bless her, she replied almost immediately.

She said I should go in with my head held high, tell them I'm transitioning, and looking for something that I can let grow out but be androgynous for the time being.

"Claim your power as a woman, Cass," she told me, then added, "I'll bet you almost anything that they will be extremely supportive."


She was right. :c)

I did just as she said. The stylist, T, asked if I wanted a regular men's haircut. I asked if we could speak in private for a moment. So we went to the back of the salon, and I explained what I was looking for.

Her reaction was all that I could have hoped for. She told me that she thought I was incredibly brave (I decided not to mention the previous day :c)), and that she would be thrilled to help.

As I do with everyone after telling them, I said she could ask me anything she wanted. She thanked me and said she was afraid she might say the wrong thing without realizing it. She said she had a million questions, and joked that she was glad my hair was so long, as it gave her more time to ask them. :c)

She had some ideas for what to do in the future, which, I'm happy to say, were right in line with what I was thinking. (I see being a redhead in my future.) They also offer eyebrow shaping, which the two caterpillars above my eyes could sorely use. It can be done bit by bit, so it isn't really noticeable, which is just what I want.

As for the results...

I like it.

A lot. :c)

It's much more manageable, and can definitely work in either boy or girl mode. It received the seal of approval from several friends when I sent along some quick shots I took immediately afterward.

It even passed muster with the one person I can always count on for an unvarnished opinion: my sister C.

"Oh, I LIKE it!" she said when she saw it for the first time. "We can do a LOT with this."

Then, lest I get a swelled head, she added: "It really looked like crap before, you know." :c)

When we finished at the salon, T came around from the counter and gave me a huge hug. She said she hoped I would keep coming back so she could see how I'm progressing, and so she could learn more about being trans.

All in all, it was a terrific experience, and did a lot for my confidence. I'm so glad my friend gave me the confidence to tell the truth, and that T was so kind in her immediate acceptance.

It's something I can build on.


There has been an avalanche of new albums from favorite bands the past few weeks, so I thought I'd share a few that I'm looking forward to sampling.

First up is a welcome return from Ben Folds Five, who released their first album since 1999. They collaborated with the folks at Fraggle Rock for the video for the first single:

And here's what is easily my favorite song by Ben Folds, "Still Fighting It," written about his son. This is from his first solo album:

Such a beautiful song...

Next up is the first album in seven years from Dwight Yoakam. I think of him the way I think of Tom Petty: incredibly consistent songwriters who are seemingly incapable of writing a bad song. The new album, 3 Pears, is one of his best, according to the reviews. Based on a few listens, it's hard to argue. Here's the title track:

And here's one of my favorite older Dwight songs, this time with the amazing Pete Anderson on guitar:

Have a good week, all!


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