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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just got back from the wedding of two of my friends, J & T. It was a spectacular day here, and the location was absolutely stunning. Have you ever seen two people who clearly belong together? Well, that's J & T. 

They both work at Starbucks as baristas, which is how I first got to know them. I was honored to be invited, especially when I found out today that I was the only customer who was invited. When I thanked J for this, he looked confused for a moment, then said, "You aren't a customer; you're our friend!" I was really touched.

J and I are both music fanatics (shocking, I know). :c) T is a huge music fan too, but she's, well, normal. <lol> J and I, though, fully admit we're music geeks. And that's the subject of most of our conversations.

T and I discuss music a lot too, but we've had a few conversations that make me wonder what she knows, even if she doesn't realize it.

She would tell me all about her search for her wedding gown - the shops she visited, their pros and cons, the style she wanted, and how it should fit her, with ample discussion of how much of the "girls" she wants to show. :c)

After she picked out the dress she wanted, she would fill me in every time I saw her with the latest news. I heard about the fittings, the type of beading she wanted to add, buying her crinoline and petticoat, and much, much more. 

A few weeks ago she was telling me about the latest dress alterations, as well as their post-reception plans. They involved lots of bar-hopping, needless to say. :c) Then she leaned over the counter conspiratorially and said, "Of course, we can't get *too* drunk that night." 

I asked why.

"Well, so we can have sex, of course!"

One of her co-workers, who had been half-listening, burst out laughing. She said, "I cannot BELIEVE you're telling L all of this!"

T replied, "But I was telling you the same thing this morning. What's the big deal? I mean, L is one of u-"

She stopped.

"I mean, he's… you know… it's fine. You don't mind. Right, L?" She stared at me, a puzzled look in her eyes.

I assured her it was fine, and she relaxed a bit. I then beat a hasty retreat before the blush spread over my entire face. :c)

Sure wish I could read minds sometimes!

P.S. The gown was gorgeous, and so was T. And J looked very dashing in his suit… and sandals. :c) Congratulations, kids, and may you have many happy Phish shows together!

Here's what they played for their first dance:

You can probably tell it was a very cool wedding. :c)

Here's Phish's great take on the same tune:


Teagan said...

Very cool.

One thing I found when I came out to people is that "trans" is not on people's radar. "Gay" is on people's radar. Trans, not so much. It's possible that T realizes that you are T, but it's also (more?) possible that she thinks you're gay. :) Most of my female friends just figured I was gay. Nope!

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