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Friday, September 9, 2011

So, I'm still trying to let yesterday sink in. I saw M, my therapist, yesterday afternoon, and asked what the process was for her to be able to write my letter to start HRT.

As it turns out, that *was* the process. :c) She was just waiting for me to ask.

She said she'd be happy to give me a referral, and had a few suggestions on who I might consider. (There are only a few near where I live - well, sort of near. Nothing is all that close, unfortunately.) Her top choice was highly recommended by several people in my support group, which was reassuring. 

I was driving back home in a bit of a daze - a happy daze, if you will (sorry for the pun!). All I kept thinking was "you're really doing this, you're really doing this…" :c)

It seemed - and still seems - a bit surreal, but I'm excited, a bit nervous, and, more than anything, still amazed that I'm actually doing what I've always tried to convince myself I could never do. I know it's one more step in a long, long process, and not the be all and end all. But if you had told me I'd be here at the beginning of the year, I never, ever would've believed it.

Hmm… is it ethical to bribe a doctor to get an appointment as soon as possible? Theoretically, of course. My friend… uh, Nelly, would like to know… <g>

More to follow!

Not that any reason is ever needed, but this is a good opportunity to listen to some Alex Chilton:

He was 16 when he recorded this!

And while we're at it, some Paul Westerberg too:


Teagan said...

gratz! I recall receiving my hormone letter and reading it, and it was at that point I knew what my path was going to end up being.

The process might not take as long as you think it might. Mine didn't. Either way, take it at your pace and no one else's.


Kelly on September 11, 2011 at 12:10 AM said...

Thank you, Teagan. :c)

I felt the same way when M told me she was waiting for me to ask. It became real at that moment.

I guess I'm figuring it will take a while because that seems to be the most common result, but yes, you never know. As you noted, being comfortable is the most important thing.

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